Dear Messiah College,

As your alumni, we would like to see Messiah College continue to nurture students and function as a place of reconciliation, compassion, and true community. Frankly, we are disappointed.

The recent articles about harassment on campus, both in the campus newspaper and in the local news, are alarming. We are disheartened and angered by these stories of abuse, threats, and exclusion.

Messiah College can do better than this. Harassment of any sort reflects poorly on the campus. We understand that the college cannot control the actions of each individual student. Nevertheless, we have seen many instances where Messiah College avoids acting in compassion toward its LGBTQ students and alumni, consequently fostering an unsafe and noninclusive campus climate.

Vague and condescending discussions of “hating the sin and loving the sinner” can lead to students feeling dehumanized and further marginalized. Reluctance to clarify the school’s position can lead to LGBTQ students being disciplined for behavior the school accepts from its straight students. We understand the college’s resistance to adopting a fully inclusive policy, for fear of angering donors, partner institutions, and leaders. We understand the hesitance to step on toes. Nevertheless, while Messiah College spends years drafting and clarifying its position, LGBTQ students continue to suffer.

If showing love to all students at Messiah College, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity, involves stepping on toes, it’s time to step on toes. It’s time to fully affirm and support all students. It’s time to not only foster authentic dialogue, but to create an environment that promotes inclusion and demonstrates a radical commitment to compassion.

Here’s what we would like to see Messiah College do:

A) Eliminate the clause in the Community Covenant that forbids “homosexual behavior.” By placing further restrictions on students who identify as LGBTQ than on other students, students are not only denied part of their humanity, but divisions are created in the community the college so actively works to create.

B) Make the college a truly safe space for LGBTQ students. Take proactive steps to prevent harassment, threats, and bullying, instead of merely reacting to these occurrences. The first step here is to flesh out the definition of “Reconciliation” in the Community Covenant to list sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression, along with “race, class, age, gender, religion, and ethnicity,” which are already included, and to then train staff to address anti-LGBTQ language and behavior in timely and culturally competent ways.

Through passivity and hesitance, Messiah College is hurting some of the most vulnerable students in its community. As the undersigned alumni, we sincerely hope that the college moves in the right direction to truly serve all of its students and create a compassionate, inclusive community.

Note that our process for updating the list below is manual, and your name will not appear immediately upon submission. As of the most recent update, our current total is 550 names. If you filled out our petition but do not see your name below, please contact us at

John Stoner 1964 Bible and Religion Akron, PA
Donna (Climenhaga) Wenger 1966 English Harrisburg, PA
Judith Garman 1966 English and P.E. Palm Desert california
Robert Miyake-Stoner 1966 English Aiea, HI
Rev. James F. Fox 1969 History Retired: Chambersburg, PA
Linda Payne 1974 Elementary Education, English Mobile, AL
Edward Kurtz 1975
Linda Hunter Shreve 1976 Mathematics Drexel Hill, PA
David Garrett 1977 Religion Mechanicsburg, PA
Rebecca Wechtenhiser Craft 1977 Milford, Delaware
Thomas Dykes 1977 Mathematics/Recreation Brookhaven, Pa
Susan Harding 1978 Behav. Science Camp Hill, PA
Nevin Werron 1979 Bible Pennsauken, NJ
Tammy Werron 1981
Beth Baxter 1983 Biology Lancaster, Pa
Charles Chilton 1983 Music New York City
Charles Chilton 1983 Music New York City
Diane (Skelton) Hare 1984 Elementary Education New Jersey
Susan Ditty 1984 Biology Florida
Lynette R. Connelly 1985 Behavioral Science New Windsor Maryland
Rhonda Myers 1985 Behavioral Science Elizabethtown, Pa
Sara Layman 1985 Early Childhood Education Maryland
Colette Nichols 1988 HPE  Rockville, MD
Elizabeth Dunham Toner 1988 Communications Elverson, PA
Heide Hoegl 1988 Spanish Long Island
Kristen White 1988 BA Art CT
Lloyd Bowman 1988 Poltical Science Elkins Park, Pa.
Mark Reinert 1988 Business Information Systems Boston, Massachusetts
Jennifer (Stewart) Fee 1989 Psychology Fullerton, CA
Lynn Cockett 1989 English Huntingdon Pa
Alden Davis 1990 radio, tv, & film Annapolis, MD
Ashley Jones 1990 History New York, NY
Jonathan Ferguson 1990 Behavioral Science Sydney, Australia
Patricia Stetler 1990 Nursing Dillsburg, PA
Richard L Walton Jr 1990 Accounting Harrisburg, PA
Robert Larson 1990 Computer Science Apex NC
Todd McKee 1990 Bible White River Junction, VT
April Herring 1991 Communications philadelphia, PA
Barbara Miller 1991 Theater Buffalo, NY
Bryan Robinson 1991 English Wellsboro, PA
Christine Stamper 1991 Individualized Major Portland, Oregon
Eric Jackson 1991 Marketing Philadelphia
Grace Graybill 1991 Accounting Central PA
Kelly Richmond Yates 1991 Communications Atlanta
Krista (Richeson) Smith 1991 History
Laurie Budhu 1991 Art Dayton, NJ
Polis Sidiropoulos 1991 Marketing/Physical Ed London, UK
wendy delp 1991 history jacksonville, fl
Yvonne Rothstein 1991 English Marietta, PA
Christina Grim 1992 Communications Shippensburg, PA
Kimberly Robinson 1992 Christian Ministries Wellsboro, PA
Lori Licker 1992 Psychology FL
Scott Comfort 1992 English Bethlehem, PA
Shawn Goldthwaite 1992 Art NH
Stephanie Bender 1992 Family Studies Seattle, WA
Aaron Samuel Johnson 1993 Sport and Exercise Science Boulder, CO
Dave Bratton 1993 English Lit NJ
Douglas Goldberg 1993 Art Brooklyn,ny
Elisabeth Demery 1993 Theatre Arlington, VA
kathleen Gscheidle 1993 art Baltimore MD
Primajoy Ramalingam 1993 Mathematics education Camp Hill PA
Rebecca Weber 1993 Computer Science Philadelphia
Rev. Matt Staniz 1993 Sociology Havertown, PA
Robin Lesher 1993 History with Social Studies Certificiation Dillsburg
Walt Boraczek 1993 Human Resource Management Jersey City, NJ
Jeffrey Porter 1994 Int’l Business Philadelphia, PA
Justin Collins 1994 Humanities Washington, DC
Matthew Winkel 1994 Family Studies Hopewell, NJ
Nathaniel Wolfe 1994 English/History Perry County, PA
Fabienne Doucet Gibson 1995 Behavioral Sciences (Family Studies) New York City
Jennifer (Goss) Parsons 1995 Communications Mechanicsburg, PA
Kimberly Flemke, PhD 1995 Family Studies Drexel University, Philadelphia
Kristyn Hood 1995 Enlish/Art Maryland
Rev. Matthew J. Mardis-LeCroy 1995 Religion Des Moines, IA
Thomas Sangrey 1995 Physics Georgia
Catherine Gilmore Clough 1996 English/Theater Philadelphia
Christina Kelsh 1996 Music Vermont
Erin Martin 1996 Political Science Columbus, OH
Jean Kilheffer Hess 1996 Accounting
Kipp Gilmore-Clough 1996 Social Work Philadelphia
Lyndell (Wagner) Thiessen 1996 International Business Akron, PA
Melanie Clemmer 1996 Dietetics Dallas, TX
Nathan Wright 1996 Sociology Philadelphia, PA
Renee LaRoche 1996 Elementary Education Portland, Oregon
Ron Taimuty-Loomis 1996 Humanities-Philosophy Pittsburgh, PA
Scott Penner 1996 Elementary Education Newville, PA
Brady Candell 1997 Art New York City
Damien Morris 1997 RTF Mechanicsburg, PA
Dominic Volonnino 1997 Christian Ministries Washington D.C.
Raymond Bergeron 1997 English/Philosophy Harrisburg
Andrew Gutknecht 1998 Music Education Philadelphia
Ben Allatt 1998 Human Resource Management Harrisburg, PA
Jay Mast 1998 Psychology Lancaster PA
Nicole Wagner 1998 Spanish/Sociology Wallingford, PA
Claudette Johnson 1999 Art Philadelphia
Julie Jekel 1999 English Los Angeles, CA
Michael Camp 1999 Communication Bethlehem, PA
Michael Sturm 1999 Family Studies Philadelphia
Nathan Martin 1999 Theatre Harrisburg PA
Rachel Imboden 1999 Psychology Harrisburg, PA
Stacey (Harris) Gee 1999 Art New Jersey
William Paul Gee 1999 English New Jersey
Amanda Springer 2000 Communication Bloomington, IL
Aya Asano 2000 History New York, NY
Bill Nuttall 2000 Communication Boston, MA
Christi Hadden 2000 Environmental Science Carlisle PA
Emilie Gallagher 2000 English Literature Frostburg, MD
John A Butz 2000 English Literature Boiling Springs PA
Jonathan Kemmerer-Scovner 2000 Humanities Glenside, PA
Julie Masteller 2000 French, Accounting Mechanicsburg
Maynor Moreira 2000 Psychology NYC
Melanie Shannon Hill 2000 Theatre Los Angeles
Nathan Zullinger 2000 Music Education Providence, RI
Rachel Van Dyke 2000 Theatre Bethlehem, PA
Ann Carper 2001 Marketing Harrisburg, PA
Deborah (Hancock) Juanarena 2001 Political Science Seattle, WA
Heidi (Leob) Young 2001 Biology Arlington, VA
Holly Richendrfer 2001 Biology Providence, RI
Jennifer (Mardis) O 2001 Family Studies Williamsburg PA
Jessica Charles 2001 English Boston, MA
Joshua Olsen 2001 Psychology Saratoga Springs, NY
Julie (Engelbrecht) Assis 2001 Biology, Humanities Philadelphia, PA
Keith Voets 2001 Political Science Middletown, CT
Nathan Tatterson 2001 Communications Los Angeles, CA
Rachel Thiessen 2001 Psychology Mechanicsburg, PA
Ryan Masteller 2001 English
Scott Stedjan 2001 Political Science Washington, DC
Sharon Thompsonowak 2001 English Philadelphia/Nashville
Todd Mariano 2001
Amber LaBar 2002 Social Work Philadelphia
Chris Ivey 2002 Humanities
Christa Whiteman 2002 Biochemistry Hudson Valley, NY
Christina Cosgrove-Rooks 2002 Psychology Middletown, PA
Christina Sainato 2002 Nutrition and Dietetics Pasadena, CA
Heather Read 2002 Sport and Exercise Science Jacksonville, FL
Jesse Baxter 2002 Theatre NYC
Marta Horst 2002 accounting Lititz, PA
Meredith Beales 2002 Accounting Sacramento, CA
Meredith Beales 2002 Accounting Sacramento, CA
Rebecca Jones 2002 Studio Art Corinth, NY
Robert Oliver Branch 2002 Biblical Studies Toronto, ON
Amos Stoltzfus 2003 Sociology Albuquerque, New Mexico
Angela Lykins Yeh 2003 Music Education Manassas, VA
Anne Henry 2003 International Business New York City
Deborah DeGeorge Harbin 2003 English Elizabethton, TN
Heather Carroll 2003 Family Studies Boston, MA
Jemila Kwon 2003 Christian Ministry Portland, OR
Jill Linnell 2003 Spanish New York, NY
Keith Newton 2003 Accounting Stamford, CT
Kristin (Carll) Siha 2003 Christian Ministries Camp Hill, PA
Levi Landis 2003 Biblical Studies Philadelphia
Megan Jones 2003 History Bridgewater, NJ
Natalie Valenzuela 2003 Psychology/Spanish VA
Rachel Tudor Ziulkowski 2003 Biology Boston, MA
Rebekah West Patel 2003 Math New Hampshire
Shelly L. Duckworth-Sheaffer 2003 Family Studies Frederick, MD
Tami Awad 2003 Theatre Atglen, Pa
Andrea Ramsey 2004 Biology Be’er Sheva, Israel
Angela Mudd Rahmani 2004 Communication Odenton, MD
Anna Yackoski 2004 Sport and Exercise Sience D.C.
Ashley Bamford 2004 English Nashua, NH
Ashley Fifer 2004 Spanish/Education NYC
Benjamin Jancewicz 2004 Graphic Arts Baltimore, MD
Caroline (Simmons) Field 2004 nursing Aspen, CO
Dana Champion 2004 Political Science & Computer Science Camp Hill, PA
Desiree Lesko (Ney) 2004 Recreation Key Colony Beach, FL
Dominic DeMaria 2004 Marketing Los Angeles
Grace A. Baiye 2004 Economics
Joshua Evans 2004 Recreation Harrisburg, pa
Katherine Cook 2004 Sociology Philadelphia, PA
Keith Moser 2004 Mathematics/ Theatre Pennsylvania
Lee Vance 2004 Psychology Berkeley, CA
Logan Jones 2004 Business administration Harrisburg
Matthew Sirinides 2004 Philosophy Jersey City, NJ
Melissa Wankmuller 2004 Sociology New Jersey
Myra King-kerge 2004 Sociology  rhode island
Rachel Albright 2004 Psychology King of Prussia, PA
Renee Thomas 2004 Psychology Washington, DC
Sarah Heidke 2004 social work Philadelphia
Shauna Nefos 2004 Communications/Sociology Atlanta, GA
Shonah Sandel 2004 Marketing Long Island, NY
Sonja Bontrager 2004 Music Philadelphia, PA
Thomas Kaden 2004 Communications Carlisle, Pa
Timmy Morgan 2004 Communication Pasadena, CA
Winston G. Limauge 2004 Theatre Boston, MA
Amy James 2005 Humanities Baltimore, MD
Andrea Saylor 2005 English Philadelphia
Bria Murray 2005 Biology Chicago, IL
Emily Nye 2005 SPEX Boston, MA
Heather Bauer 2005 Accounting baltimore, MD
Jamie Davies O’Leary 2005 Politics Columbus, Ohio
Janie Ehle 2005 Studio Art Baltimore
Jason Peno 2005 Communication New England
Jennifer Stallings 2005 Bible Ellicott City, MD
Jessica Hamme 2005 Art Franklin, WV
Jordan Windholz 2005
Justin Arawjo 2005 Communications Philadelphia
Kendra hoffman 2005 politics San Diego ca
Kerry Hasler-Brooks 2005 English Philadelphia, PA
Kevin J. Moyer-Wilkes 2005 Psychology Carlisle, PA
Kevin King 2005 Biology Pittsburgh, PA
Lindsay Ladd 2005 History Philadelphia
Lucas Saunders 2005 Political Science Philadelphia
Mary Harmer 2005 History Philadelphia, PA
Matt Barber 2005 Marketing Philadelphia
Michele Vicino 2005 Elementary Education Silver Spring, MD
Nathan Hasler-Brooks 2005 Sociology Philadelphia, PA
Noah Martin 2005 Philosophy Washington, D.C.
Sarah Wilson 2005 English Philadelphia
Scott Brenneman 2005 Undeclared Harrisburg, PA
Shalane Cohen 2005 accounting harrisburg pa
Ulysses S Wilson 2005 Sociology Mechanicsburg, PA
Valerie (Adams) Swogger 2005
Veronica Sandoval 2005 Studio Art Madison, WI
Zach Stock 2005 Sociology Philadelphia
Alan Carroll 2006 Studio Art Philadelphia, PA
Amanda Ainscough (Sachs) 2006 Music Education Mechanicburg, PA
Andrew Dyrli Hermeling 2006 History Harrisburg, PA
Andrew Sand 2006 History Denver, CO
Angela Ellis 2006 Philosophy Philadelphia, PA
Angela Lohman 2006 History Washington DC
Ashleigh Hill 2006 Communication Chicago, IL
Brian Hamilton-Vise 2006 Peace and Conflict Studies Notre Dame, IN
Caitlin Foltz 2006 Athletic Training Harrisburg, PA
colleen purcell 2006 communication philadelphia, pa
Cynthia Brown 2006 theatre California
Danina Garcia 2006 English with Teaching Certification Seattle,WA
Diana Purkiss 2006 Art History Key West
Grace Diehl 2006 Environmental Science Molokai, Hawaii
Haley McCormack 2006 English Philadelphia
Harry Young 2006 Politics Harrisburg, PA
Jennifer Lambert 2006 Theatre Downingtown, PA
Jesus Kain 2006 Biology Philadelphia
Jim Rohner 2006 Communication – Film emphasis New York, NY
Jon Vaitl 2006 English Mechanicsburg, PA
Jonathan Schlabach 2006 Engineering Lancester PA
Joshua Wethli 2006 Nursing
Joy Houck Bauer 2006 Christian Ministries Harrisburg
Julian Forth 2006 Christian Ministries / Peace Conflict Studies
Justine (Beiler) Weber 2006 Biology and Environmental Education State College, PA
Kari Dyrli Hermeling 2006 Elementary Education Harrisburg, PA
Kathryn Rictor 2006 Music Philadelphia, PA
Kelsey Scro 2006 English Austin, TX
Kimberly Anderson Eshleman 2006 Biopsychology Baltimore, MD
Kimberly Gunelson 2006 Fine Arts Washington, DC
Kirsten Brooks 2006 Theatre & Spanish Ann Arbor, MI
Lauren Tomko 2006 Elementary education Sendai, Japan
Lizzy Hill 2006 English Education Charlottesville, VA
Luke Eshleman 2006 Philosophy Baltimore, MD
MedaLana Smith 2006 Mathematics
Megan Shea 2006 English Asheville, NC
Melissa Mendez 2006 Theatre New York
Melody Harris 2006 English Philadelphia, PA
Michael Holland 2006 Studio Art Philadelphia
Mike Raffensperger 2006 Business Administration New York City
Molly Burke 2006 Human Development and Family Science Pittsburgh, Pa
Nathan Robinson 2006 Politics Washington, Dc
Nicole Snader 2006 Educational studies Denver, PA
Patricia Coke 2006 Biology/Pre-Med Harrisburg, PA
Rachel Dean 2006 Sociology Pittsburgh
Rebecca Horne 2006 Psychology Hadley, MA
Richelle Dourte 2006 Environmental Science Dillsburg, PA
robert Girardeau 2006 bio west Chester
Stephanie Vroman-Goodrich 2006 social work Buffalo, NY
Stephen Carroll 2006 Studio Art with concentrations in Photography and Printmaking Rhode Island
Steven Schreiber-Stahl 2006 Philosophy Baltimore, MD
Tyler Baber 2006 English Philadelphia
Wee Lee Sim 2006 Economics Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Wible 2006 Psychology London
Abigail Getty 2007 Theatre Philadelphia, PA
Abigail Miller 2007 Spanish Business Charleston, SC
Akirah Wyatt 2007 Communication Pittsburgh, PA
Ali Wunder 2007 Studio Art Alexandria VA
Alicia Ramos 2007 Spanish Cambridge, MA
Amanda Morningstar 2007 Psychology Longfellow, PA
Amber (Grube) Zeiders 2007 Psychology Lancaster, PA
Angela Kriebel Shambeda 2007 English Leonardtown, MD
Ashley Moss 2007 Athletic Training Hummelstown, PA
Benjamin Thorpe 2007 English/Religion Washington, DC
Beth (Spory) Whitney 2007 Music Education Virginia
Betsy Claar 2007 Art History Newport, RI
Brian Bargh 2007 Mathematics Washington, DC
Brian Muller 2007 Marketing Haines, AK
Brian Ramos 2007 Economics Cambridge, MA
Carolyn (Gabriele) Bennett 2007 Music Education North Stonington, CT
Carolyn Eanes 2007
Carolyn Ratcliffe 2007 Cultural Anthropolgy Portland, OR
Chelsea Hampton 2007 English
Christine Minnich 2007 Art Pennsylvania
Christine Neumann 2007 Studio Art Harrisburg, PA
Christopher Herb 2007 English Cincinnati
Dan Brobst 2007 Business Administration Lancaster, PA
Daniel Edwards 2007 Computer Science Washington D.C.
Danielle Lamb-Books 2007 Computer Science & Spanish Boulder, CO
Douglas Weaver 2007 Broadcasting Production Harrisburg
Elizabeth Shellenberger 2007 Studio Art Scranton, PA
Emily C. Decker 2007 English Philadelphia, PA
Evan Cameron 2007 English Harrisburg, PA
Francisco Fernandez 2007 Philosophy Belize, Central America
Geoffrey Millette 2007 Studio Art
Jen Gossert 2007 Christian Ministries Pennsylvania
Jenn Rutt 2007 SPEX Lancaster, PA
Jenna Ness 2007 Sociology New York City
Jennica Sehorn 2007 Spanish Washington, DC
Jeremiah Howard 2007 Sport Management Princeton, NJ
John Scott Detweiler 2007 Humanities Baltimore, MD
Jon Desmarais 2007 Music Harrisburg, PA
Joy Brobst 2007 Social Work
Julia Sanders 2007 English Washington, DC
Justin Martin 2007 Busines Administration Chicago, IL
Kate Ryall Gibson 2007 Communication Harrisburg, PA
Katherine Rehnberg 2007 Parent of Social Work Major Portland, OR
Kathryn Bodnar Fernandez 2007 Music Education Belmopan, Belize
Kelly Cooper 2007 Philadelphia, PA
Kelly Knight 2007 History State College, PA
Ken Lewin 2007 German Harrisburg
Kenneth M. Johns 2007 English, writing emph. Harrisburg
Kevin Markey 2007 History/Politics Harrisburg PA
Kristen Kane-Osorto 2007 Peace & Conflict Studies Washington, D.C.
Lady Bell 2007 English California
Landree Fleming 2007 Theatre Chicago, IL
Liz Laribee 2007 English Harrisburg
Louie Marven 2007 English Harrisburg, PA
Mary Clemmer Wilkinson 2007 Social Work Southampton, UK
Matthew Caligiure 2007 History/Secondary Education Santa Barbara, CA
Matthew Scoggan 2007 Communication Seoul
Megan Joy Bennicoff 2007 Nursing Baltimore, MD
Melissa A. Yee 2007 English Boston, MA
Melissa Grove 2007 Nursing York, PA
Meredith MacKenzie 2007 Nursing Philadelphia, PA
Morgan Moore 2007 Humanities – Literature Seattle, WA
Natalie Robb 2007 Studio Art
Nate Bridi 2007
Nathan Taylor 2007 Communication Studies Chapel Hill, NC
Rachel Smith 2007
Rebecca (Fouts) Palsgrove 2007 Spanish Westminster, MD
Ruth (Kitchin) Tillman 2007 English Washington, DC
Ruth Liew 2007 Economics London
Ryan Billings 2007 Communication Philadelphia, PA
Sara Slack 2007 Communication Philadelphia, PA
Sarah Maddox 2007 Studio Art Cheltenham, England
Sarah Rehnberg Oloya 2007 Social Work Philadelphia, PA
Seth Keafer 2007 Christian Ministries Summerville, SC
Seth Kevorkian 2007 Business North Carolina
Shanna Battaglia 2007 Computer Science Alexandria, VA
Stefanie Moser 2007 Studio Art Pittsburgh, PA
Stephen St. Clair 2007 International Business Windber, PA
Tara McDougall 2007 Elementary Education Harrisburg, PA
Tessa Fohringer 2007 Art Education Central PA
Tiffany DeRewal 2007 English Philadelphia, PA
Timothy Metzner 2007 Theatre Washington, DC
Valerie Ong 2007 Politics St. Paul, MN
William Waring 2007 History Carlisle, PA
Zachary Ellis 2007 Elementary Education Beijing, China
Zachary Eyster 2007 Bible Atlanta, GA
Allyson Leonard 2008 French/Politics Harrisburg, PA
Amy Ruhf 2008 athletic training Philadelphia, PA
Andrew Ferris 2008 Christian Ministries Denver, CO
Andrew Sullivan 2008 Biblical Studies / Psychology Ashburn, VA
Anna D’Amato 2008 Nursing Windham, NH
Becky Eby 2008 Christian Ministries Mechanicsburg, PA
Ben Fisher 2008 Psychology Harrisburg, PA
Benjamin Davies 2008 Religion Barto, PA
Benjamin Lamb-Books 2008 Theology and Social Theory Boulder, CO
Benjamin Staudt 2008 Engineering Harrisburg
Brian Behm 2008 Graphic Design Baltimore, Maryland
Brian Duffield 2008 Film Los Angeles
Britney (Hagen) Eyster 2008 Nursing Atlanta, GA
Colin Chrestay 2008 English w/Teacher Certification Philadelphia, PA
Daniel Wheatley 2008 English Washington, DC
David Young 2008 English Boone, NC
Erick Fix 2008 Communication New York
erin emenheiser 2008
Erin McManness 2008 Studio Art Baltimore, MD
Erin Schubert 2008 English Chicago
Hannah Serafini-Lewin 2008 Nursing Harrisburg, PA
Jeff Waters 2008 Communication Harrisburg, PA
Jesse McBride 2008 English Reading, PA
Joelle Jones (Lambright) 2008 Psychology Harrisburg
Karrie Craft 2008 Politics Minneapolis, MN
Katherine Behrens 2008 Theater Portland, Oregon
Kelly Stamplis 2008 Psychology Shippensburg, PA
Kendra Adams 2008 Psychology Harrisburg, PA
Khara House 2008 English Flagstaff, AZ
Kimberly MacVaugh 2008 Politics Washington DC
Kristina Lewis 2008 Christian Ministries Philadelphia
Kristine Johnson 2008 Athletic training
Laura (Steward) Grosso 2008 Politics; Spanish Philadelphia, PA
Laura Hayes 2008 Marketing Chicago, IL
Laura Palumbo 2008 English Harrisburg, PA
Lindsay Jablonski 2008 Biology Pre-Med Philadelphia
Mandy Lethbridge 2008 French MD
Matthew Thornton 2008 Communication Los Angeles
Meghan Donaghue 2008 Biology, Int’l Development Uganda
Melanie Howard 2008 Biblical Studies Princeton, NJ
Nancy C. Sharpe 2008 Spanish Washington, DC
Natalie Urquhart 2008 English Frederick, MD
Rachael Ditri 2008 Music Ed. Brooklyn, NY
Rebecca Waring 2008 Math Carlisle, PA
Ruth Beaver 2008 Politics, Music New York, NY
Sarah Ginolfi 2008 English Harrisburg, PA
Scott Siciliano 2008 Music Harrisburg, PA
Seira Ikeuchi 2008 Biology Australia
Sharon Campbell 2008 Communication Los Angeles
Stacey Kensinger 2008 English with Teacher Certification Santa Cruz, CA
Stacy Stahl 2008 Nursing
Stephanie Huston 2008 Communication New York, New York
Stephanie O’Neil 2008 Communication Los Angeles, CA
Tia Nichole McMillen 2008 Communication Harrisburg, Pa.
Vanessa Graham 2008 Christian Ministries Ellicott City, Maryland
Alexandra Bindon 2009 Religion and English Literature York, PA
Alyssa Myers 2009 Marketing Central PA
Amanda Hakanson-Stacy 2009 Studio Art Chapel Hill, NC
Amy Fisher 2009 Psychology Harrisburg PA
Andrew Bargh 2009 English Harrisburg
Andrew Havington 2009 Music Education Sparta, NJ
Benjamin Boggess 2009 International Business Pignon, Haiti
Bethany Ellis 2009 Peace and Conflict Resolution Santa Barbara, CA
Christy Hutcheson 2009 sociology Philadelphia, PA
Christy Scazzero 2009 Psychology New York, NY
Daniel Webster 2009 English Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Diana Ecker 2009 Communications New York City
Elena Yamamoto 2009 Studio Art and Art History Brooklyn, NY
Elizabeth Dodds (Gager) 2009 English Washington, D.C.
Elizabeth Thompson 2009 Ethnomusicology Philadelphia, PA
Emily Yoder 2009 Journalism Philadelphia, PA
Erin Hayes 2009 Harrisburg, PA
fern MacDougal 2009 Environmental Science, English Rock Creek, WV
Francis Eanes 2009 English Madison, WI
Gavin Paul 2009 Computer Science Harrisburg, PA
Hamilton Anderson 2009 Environmental Science Seattle, WA
Hilary Smith 2009 Nursing, Spanish New York, NY
James Knightly 2009 Communication Philadelphia
Jen Michener 2009 Biology Pre-Med Philadelphia, PA
Jennifer Asper 2009 Environmental Science Athens, GA
Jess Mosher 2009 Sociology/Anthropology Atlanta, GA
Jessica Hicks 2009 Environmental Science Wilmington, DE
Julie Stecker 2009 Christian Ministries- Youth Ministry Gettysburg, PA
Justin Lee Erb 2009 Psychology East Berlin, PA
Kaitlin Wheeler 2009 Sociology Seattle, WA
Kara Skarda 2009 Politics Ventress, LA
Kathryn Fulton 2009 English Harrisburg, PA
Kathryn Mackereth 2009 Psychology Washington, DC
Kaye Najito 2009 Communication NY
Krista Hamlen 2009 Communication Buffalo, NY
Krista Morin 2009 Biology Madison, WI
Kristal Haynes 2009 Psychology New York, NY
kyle cristofalo 2009 atlanta, georgia
Lacey Bauer 2009 English Norfolk, Va
Laura (Hill) Knightly 2009 Philadelphia
Lindsey Morrison-Daku 2009
Marjorie Bennington 2009 French with Teaching Certification Annapolis, MD
Mary Hughes 2009 Biology
Meredith Hoffheins 2009 Studio Art Brooklyn, NY
Nadia Schafer 2009 Politics Philadelphia, PA
Rachel Kleinow 2009 Human Development and Family Science Rochester, NY
Renee Herbster 2009 sport and exercise science
Ross Linthicum 2009 Humanities Maryland
Ryan Witmer 2009 Environmental Studies Philadelphia, Pa
Sarah Pabst 2009 History Philadelphia
Steffan Bomberger 2009 Music Education
Stephanie Stahl 2009 Psychology Indiana, PA
Zachary Rotuno 2009 Psychology Cleveland, Ohio
Amanda Owens 2010
Amy Williams 2010
Andrew Exner 2010 Biopsychology & Music Laurel, MD
Anna Hoover 2010 Math and Behavioral Science Philadelphia, PA
Brandon Parry 2010 Nutrition and Dietetics Lancaster PA
Callie Watson Grondin 2010 HDFS New York, New York
Charlie Hoppes 2010 Harrisburg, PA
Chris Rogers 2010 English Harrisburg
Cindy Lee 2010 Nursing Pittsburgh
Cody Miller 2010 Psychology Pennsylvania
Dan Rudisill 2010 Philosophy Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
David Kline 2010 Mathematics Columbus, OH
Elizabeth Pazdersky 2010
Emmy Smith 2010 Psychology Cleveland, OH
Gerard Marrone 2010 mathematics NJ
Grant Wilson 2010 International Business Washington, DC
Janine Boos 2010 Lancaster
Jen Beachy 2010 Christian Min.
Jennifer Hellmann 2010 Biology Collegeville, PA
Jennifer Kelley 2010 Music Bsoton, MA
Jessica Grim-McClanahan 2010 Studio Art Ocean City, NJ
Joshua Zimmerman 2010 Engineering Mechanicsburg, PA
Kelly Neibert 2010 Studio Art Waynesboro, PA
Kelly Sefter 2010 Art Spokane, Washington
Laura Waller 2010 English Bel Air, Maryland
Matthew Dean 2010 Christian Ministries New York, NY
Meryem Akram 2010
Peter Corning 2010 Communication Philadelphia
Rebecca MacVaugh 2010 Political Science Baltimore, MD
Ryan Heemann 2010 Psychology Timonium, Maryland
Samantha Moore 2010 Sociology & Anthropology NYC
Sarah Clemmer 2010 Nutrition and Dietetics Boston, MA
Scott Edwards 2010 Politics Columbus, OH
Sladana Kovacevic 2010 Human Resource Management Pennsylvania
susan quackenbush 2010 communications/business vancouver island canada
Tyler Chick 2010 Christian Ministries Harrisburg, PA
Allen Heberlig 2011 Communication Los Angeles, CA
Brian Ritterpusch 2011 Humanities
Chelsea McInturff 2011 Biblical and Religious Studies Baltimore, MD
Diana Yost 2011
Drew Lane 2011 Journalism Philadelphia
George Philip Reynolds 2011 Philosophy Harrisburg
Gillian Smith 2011 English Harrisburg, PA
Hannah Kern 2011 English Philadelphia
heather digrius 2011 nj
Henok Begashaw 2011 Christian Ministries Harrisburg, PA
Jennifer Warner 2011 Studio Art: Design & Digital Media New Haven, Ct
Jess Gould 2011 Health and Physical Education Virginia
Joshua Rayner 2011 Art History Harrisburg
Joshua Wacker 2011 Communication Ickesburg, PA
Juliette Brinks 2011 Nursing Michigan
Kara Griffiths 2011 Nursing
Katherine Reid 2011 English Hershey, PA
Kelly Spelman 2011 health and physical education carlisle pa
Kiley Schroeder-Muller 2011 Psychology Mechanicsburg, PA
Kim Wilkinson 2011
Martin Tam 2011 Christian Ministries Grantham PA
Mary Nucifore 2011
Matt Hannigan 2011 Studio Art Mechanicsburg
Matthew A. Robinson 2011 Music Performance Boiling Springs, PA
Matthew Southard 2011 Politics Syracuse, NY
Melanie K Walters 2011
Michael Helms 2011 Philosophy Annapolis, MD
Philina Henton 2011 Nursing
Ritamarie Testa 2011 Nursing Harrisburg, PA
Rosalyn LaBare 2011 Psychology Harrisburg, PA
Samantha Melville 2011 Communications PA
Shauna Myers 2011 Studio Art
William Rowe 2011 Communication Wilmington, DE
William Rowe 2011
Zachary Kimball 2011 Youth Ministry Fairfax, Virginia
Mollie Gunnoe 2012 Sociology and Anthropology Portland, Maine
John Edward Engle 1957 (Transferred)
Anna Waardenburg 2010 (transferred)
Cole Sostak Dropped Out Theatre Nashville, TN
Joy Verner other Former Employee Camp Hill PA
Kellie Tikkun other Former Employee Camp Hill, PA
Tim Stephan other Mechanicsburg
Ben Spory Transferred Applied Sociology Harrisonburg,VA
Dr. John Thomson Transferred Bible Reading, U.K.
John Hess Transferred Music (1966-68) Bay Area, CA
Megan Ross Transferred Nursing Goshen, IN
Melissa McKrell Transferred Journalism Pittsburgh, PA
Pauline Thompson Transferred Bible London, England
Sara Johnson Transferred Biology/Pre-Med Wilmington, Delaware
Sarah McGinley Transferred Education Chicago, IL
Thomas Baker Transferred Psychology Lewisberry, Pennsylvania